Health & ageing

Australia’s healthcare system is responding to a wide variety of challenges, including rapid population growth in some areas where services struggle to meet demand, while in other areas population decline means viability is a key concern for service providers. Rapidly changing technology provides new opportunities but also raises training and investment issues.

Consumers’ expectations about the way in which they receive services such as aged care services are changing, with more people needing services that help them age in their home meaning providers must refocus their delivery models.

How ACIL Allen can help you

Our health and ageing consultants assist Australian governments and non-government bodies to shape the future of health policy. We help our clients address their most significant policy challenges through our understanding of prevention, early intervention and tertiary intervention strategies, tailoring our methodologies to their specific needs.

We understand the evolving policy, strategic and regulatory trends across the health and ageing sector, including:

  • population health, including health demographics and inequalities, rural and remote health
  • preventative health
  • addictions, including to drugs, alcohol and gambling
  • mental health
  • children, youth and families, including child/youth health and well-being, maternal health, early childhood education and care, child safety and protection, and family violence prevention
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing
  • ageing and aged care
  • health and aged care workforce.

We can help you by drawing on our expertise in:

  • evaluation – conduct policy and program evaluation 
  • skills development – examine workforces and advise on workforce strategy
  • performance – conduct system, sector, organisational reviews and social impact assessments
  • regulation  – review policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks
  • governance – review governance at place and organisational levels
  • funding – develop and advise on strategic approaches to funding and resourcing
  • demand modelling – analyse labour market and demographic information for demand assessments
  • strategy – undertake and facilitate strategic planning
  • stakeholder engagement  – conduct consultations to elicit crucial information, including with those in sensitive environments or on challenging topics.