As a tier-one consulting firm, ACIL Allen has significant experience working in specific policy and industry sectors, and applies leading-edge expertise in specialist disciplines and knowledge areas across business, government and the not-for-profit sector.

We work regularly with industry and peak professional associations, universities and other research and innovation institutes, and statutory agencies and bodies.

Economic modelling & analysis

Economic analysis – the systematic application of economic reasoning and techniques to real world problems and issues – is a core competency of ACIL Allen. Our economic analyses and the advice that flow from that analysis are rigorous and disciplined, and capable of withstanding the most robust review.

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Program evaluation

Evaluation helps organisations to understand the impact of their programs or policies, identify what is working and what can be improved. Program evaluation also provides the opportunity to better align organisations’ activities with their strategic intent.

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Public policy

Governments make policy decisions every day. These include whether to invest in infrastructure or services and which projects to prioritise, whether to intervene in markets and, if so, how, and whether to permit activities on environmental or social grounds.

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Principles of competition policy economics and market efficiency are easy to state; applying them to businesses can be difficult and contentious.

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ACIL Allen provides strategy consulting services to business and industry, governments and the not-for-profit sector. Our approach to providing strategy consulting services is built off our core expertise in economics and public policy, ensuring our clients have the knowledge to respond to current and emerging challenges and opportunities that impact on their operations. We work across all industry sectors, providing clients with a broad perspective on the environment in which they operate.

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