Community services

There is greater recognition that our most vulnerable citizens require support services to be delivered in a way that is well-coordinated and responsive to changing circumstances, with the needs of consumers at the centre of decision making. Putting people at the centre of service development and responses is driving an increased focus on earlier intervention and prevention to achieve better outcomes.

How ACIL Allen can help you

Our community services consultants have many years of experience assisting governments at all levels and non-government organisations ensure their strategies, public policies and programs are coordinated and integrated to provide service recipients—and therefore the Australian community—with appropriate, efficient and effective services.

We work closely with our clients to provide community services consulting advice, tailoring our approach to suit their requirements. We do this using a variety of proven approaches including:

  • evaluation – conduct policy and program evaluation 
  • skills development – examine workforces and advise on workforce strategy
  • performance – conduct system, sector, organisational reviews and social impact assessments
  • regulation – review policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks
  • governance – review governance at place and organisational levels
  • funding – develop and advise on strategic approaches to funding and resourcing
  • demand modelling – analyse labour market and demographic information for demand assessments
  • strategy – undertake and facilitate strategic planning
  • stakeholder engagement  – conduct consultations to elicit crucial information, including with those in sensitive environments or on challenging topics.

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