Market modelling

ACIL Allen has developed leading economic modelling applications for the Australian gas and electricity markets, the Australian national economy, transport modes, and water supply.

Rigorous energy market analysis requires an integrated approach. ACIL Allen has well-established proprietary energy models that recognise the interactions between electricity, gas and renewable energy markets that are used to provide analytical and strategic advice on energy markets.

  • Our PowerMark model takes into account iterative bidding and portfolio optimisation in simulating electricity market behaviour in Eastern Australia (NEM), Western Australia (SWIS), Singapore (NEMS), the Philippines (WESM) and Malaysia.
  • Our GasMark model generates long-term projections of gas supply, demand, price and pipeline flow, including interactions with domestic electricity and international LNG markets.
  • Our model of the Australian renewable energy market, RECMark, operates on an inter-temporal basis to meet renewable energy targets in a rational least cost manner.

We also model the take up of solar panels and batteries as inputs to these models, and retail prices which use the outputs from these models as an input.

These models have been used to assist in:

  • asset valuations and due diligence, including risk assessment
  • the timing of new developments
  • gas and electricity procurement and contracting
  • forecasting and scenario planning
  • informing the development of energy and climate change policy
  • setting retail prices and feed-in tariffs.

In addition, ACIL Allen has provided financial and policy evaluation models, which can be applied to scenario and planning analysis, regulatory pricing determinations and ad hoc analysis across a range of industries.

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