Government funded services

Governments are under pressure to provide the services that their communities need – balancing limited resources available with increasing demands for services and supports that improve outcomes.

ACIL Allen advises all levels of Government and non-government organisations with specific expertise in education, justice and public safety, research and development, health and human services, and transport and infrastructure.

How ACIL Allen can help you

We have deep expertise across Australian and international jurisdictions. Our consultants have worked within and for government and non-government organisations.  

We provide departments, agencies and organisations with detailed research, analysis, advice and capability building across policy development, program design, evaluation and regulation.

Our areas of public service expertise include:

Community services

The needs of community should always be at the centre of service design and delivery. Putting people at the centre recognises the multiple and intersecting needs of individuals, helping to provide integrated services that are responsive to complex circumstances. 

In order to improve outcomes, prevention and early intervention services must adapt to the changing needs of community.


Education drives positive outcomes for individuals and society. Governments are actively looking to improve their education strategies, policies, and services to enhance engagement, wellbeing, and attainment. These reforms span from early childhood education through school to tertiary education and training systems. Initiatives are designed to address social and inter-generational disadvantage and ultimately boost Australia’s health and wellbeing, productivity, and workforce participation.

Justice & public safety

Ensuring public safety and supporting community resilience are core functions of Australia’s public services, involving a range of law enforcement, emergency management, public safety and judicial agencies