Our Services Public Policy Stakeholder engagement


For more than 30 years, ACIL Allen has combined good public policy and corporate strategy with stakeholder engagement.

Much of our work for governments and their agencies, and for corporations, associations and the not-for profit sector involves seeking views and capturing perceptions of stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • design and conduct of surveys and analysis of results
  • design and conduct workshops, focus groups and one-on-one interviews
  • conducting meetings and workshops with stakeholders, using methods designed in consultation with stakeholders
  • review of existing literature and data sources
  • dedicated online discussion forums and live web chats
  • development of stakeholder engagement strategies and plans.


Survey design ensuring accurate, incisive and relevant data is essential for effective government policy development and sound business decisions.

Governments use surveys to evaluate how well government programs deliver services, whether those services are meeting needs, and often to contribute towards an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of services, programs and policy.

Businesses undertake market research using surveys to better understand their customers, competitors and opportunities, and make better business decisions.

Using data - both qualitative and quantitative - strengthens policy development and analysis, including market and government program analysis.


How ACIL Allen can help you

We regularly undertake surveys - online, telephone, paper-based and in person - to collect quality information for businesses, governments and non-government organisations.

Our expertise includes all aspects of the survey life-cycle, including:

  • survey planning
  • instrument and question design
  • sample design and sourcing
  • survey implementation
  • response management
  • collection of quantitative and qualitative data
  • analysis of survey data
  • reporting for internal and external use.

Our survey instrument and approach is often reviewed and approved by external reviewers. Our research techniques often involve the conduct of research involving human participants and groups of people that require additional protections through ethics approval processes.