Uncovering the complexities of electricity price regulation and what it means for consumers


Paul Hyslop

Richard Lenton

Electricity is a fundamental necessity for both households and businesses, making electricity price regulation a topic of universal relevance. In this episode, CEO Paul Hyslop engages in a discussion with Richard Lenton, Executive Director of ACIL Allen Queensland and an electricity market expert. 

Together, they delve into the nuances of retail electricity price regulations, breaking down a complex subject into simpler terms. Richard, drawing from his extensive experience in supporting regulatory bodies such as the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), provides invaluable insights into the latest developments in regulated electricity prices, emphasising that the system is far from perfect.

As Paul aptly puts it, "Richard knows more about the intricacies of how tariffs are calculated than anyone I know." Throughout the conversation, Richard demystifies the process behind determining regulated tariffs, uncovers how retailers procure electricity from the wholesale market and explains why price regulation still happens.

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