Our people

Paul Hyslop


Paul is Chief Executive Officer of ACIL Allen and leads the company’s large energy practice. He has more than twenty-five years experience in the sector either within corporations or as an advisor to government and corporations.

About Paul

Paul advises clients at a strategic level on all facets of the energy sector including upstream, wholesale, transport, distribution and retail. Paul’s energy sector advice typically involves optimising decision making with respect to investment and utilisation of infrastructure and assets. He also regularly undertakes work as an expert witness on energy infrastructure and commercial energy related contracts.

Some projects led by Paul include:

  • advisor to government on several strategic energy market and renewable energy reviews
  • strategic market advisor in relation to many energy market asset acquisitions / divestments within Australia
  • analysis and assessment of long run electricity infrastructure costs and benefits for many clients
  • analysis of the effects of government policy on retail electricity and gas prices for many clients
  • many client studies in relation to the assessment, valuation and development of electricity market assets in Australia
  • many client studies assessing the impact of government climate change policies on existing assets and potential investments
  • many client studies providing assessment and analysis of renewable energy investment under the expanded RET scheme
  • acted as an expert witness in relation to a number of energy market related projects or commercial contracts.

Prior to joining ACIL Allen, Paul worked as an executive manager in marketing and trading, risk management, business development, mergers and acquisitions and business regulation.

Paul holds a Master of Economics and Graduate Diploma in Economics, an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and an MBA.