Economic and Social Contribution of Ichthys LNG in the Northern Territory

Client: INPEX Operations Australia


ACIL Allen has a long history of providing advice to INPEX on the economic impact of the Ichthys LNG project, initially during its appraisal phase more than a decade ago to support its approvals process, and then again in 2016 during construction. Both studies highlighted the enormous economic potential of Ichthys LNG to the Northern Territory and to Australia more broadly.

 The 2021 study represents the next chapter of Ichthys LNG and the realisation of its economic potential as the Project phases into steady-state production. As an extension to a typical economic impact study, ACIL Allen also modelled the social impacts of the project to better understand how INPEX positively impacts on the community in ways that are not typically observed through economic impact studies.

 This presentation to launch the report was given by Perth Executive Director, John Nicolaou, in Darwin at a sold-out Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

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