Our people

Andy Chiang


Andy is an experienced consultant who has worked across criminal justice, health, education and economics. He has significant expertise in the use both qualitative and quantitative methods in program evaluations, legislative and regulatory reviews, and strategic and operational planning.

About Andy

Andy’s work across a diverse range of areas focuses on the effective and efficient delivery of government funding to ensure that resources are utilised well to deliver the optimum outcomes for individuals, businesses and communities. He draws on his previous experience working in both academic research and in government to promote vigorous and robust methodologies to provide good advice to government.

Andy’s recent projects include:

  • conducting legislative reviews for significant reforms related to child and family safety and wellbeing
  • evaluating government grant programs for a wide range of purposes, including development of the social enterprise sector, encouraging small businesses to adopt technology, and disaster and pandemic-relief grants to small businesses
  • providing advice to governments to guide legislative reforms across a range of areas, including aged care and WorkCover
  • conducting an operational review to understand areas of over and under-service to inform future resource allocation
  • reviewing programs and policies related to mental health and substance abuse.

Andy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and PhD (Social and Political Science) from the University of Melbourne.

Prior to joining ACIL Allen, Andy held senior positions in evaluation and statistical analysis roles within the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety.