Data science

ACIL Allen’s team of data science experts help business and government make the most of their data.

At its most effective, analytics and modelling is tied to business objectives, based on robust analytical methodologies, and grounded by a structured, hypothesis-driven approach. This approach to analytics and modelling ensures we deliver great value for our clients, and drive effective decision-making. 

We use a variety of economic tools and quantitative methods, which enable us to:

  • recognise data trends and patterns as well as their implications
  • provide economic forecasting and scenario analysis
  • undertake cost benefit analyses of projects, programs and policies, including analysing the distribution of costs and benefits
  • examine regional and cross-sectoral implications of projects, programs and policies
  • estimate economically efficient prices in non market settings, such as health, education and justice.

Three key activities are central to our analytical offering:

  • Analytical strategy / research design: we work with clients to define research hypotheses and the context of analytical work
  • Decision-driven analytics: we take a structured approach to analysis, drawing on econometric, machine-learning, and other techniques 
  • Training and support: we provide support to clients to improve their analytical capability, including training on analytical techniques and ongoing analytical support.   

Analytical strategy / research design

We work with clients to develop analytical strategies and methodologies. Our work involves:

  • design of analytical approaches to solve known business problems with known data    
  • specification of data collection strategies to support required analytics 
  • exploration of existing datasets to assess their potential to inform decisions. 

Our client base is varied, ranging from emerging companies who are establishing their analytical capabilities, to mature organisations seeking assistance to solve a specific, complex problem.   

Decision-driven analytics

We pride ourselves on our structured approach to analysis that is centred on achieving well defined analytical objectives.

Our team combines expertise from a wide range of disciplines including econometrics, statistics, mathematics and operations research. We apply a wide range of analytical techniques and approaches to draw insights from large and complex data sets, including:

  • econometric modelling, such as regression analysis, choice modelling, economic forecasting
  • machine learning techniques
  • clustering and pattern recognition
  • data visualisation and mapping

Insights from this analysis contribute to reports, customised decision‑support tools, decision frameworks, and customised algorithms.

Training and support

Our team helps clients to build internal capability and to support large analytical projects internally. We offer tailored support to meet client objectives, including:

  • ongoing (non-project based) analytical support and advice
  • training and capability development, with regard to both analytical techniques and methodologies.