Public financial management

Public finance encompasses a broad range of activities including the development of fiscal policy, formulating government recurrent and capital budgets, dealing with the financial relationships between various levels of government, and taxation, in addition to more general policy advice of a financial management nature.

Our consultants cover many aspects of public finance management activities including fiscal policy, budget formulation, activity based cost model development, pricing of government services, agency revenue strategies and inter-government relations.

Our approach to advising Government entities is grounded in public finance theory and extensive experience both analysing and commenting on the financial performance of the public sector.

How ACIL Allen can help you

We have experience working with Commonwealth, State and Territory treasury, finance and other departments. Our advice is also used by the private sector in advocating for changes to government policy. Our public financial management services include:

  • broad-scale assessments of public finances and financial performance
  • analysis of intergovernmental financial relationships
  • assessment of infrastructure financing and service approaches
  • development and implementation of financial frameworks, including demand forecasting and activity based cost modelling
  • preparation of agency financial strategies
  • development and measurement of agency key performance indicators
  • application of good tax design principles to reforms of personal and business taxation
  • analysis of GST, grants and other government revenues
  • program evaluation services centred on compliance with sound financial practices
  • review of joint government funding arrangements in areas such as health and education.

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