Exploring for the Future program: Return on investment analysis

Client: Geoscience Australia


EFTF is a four-year (2016–2020) $100.5 million Geoscience Australia program to investigate the mineral, energy and groundwater resource potential in northern Australia and parts of South Australia. ACIL Allen was commissioned to independently quantify the return on investment from a selection of EFTF projects that are representative of the work done under the program.

The analysis was used to estimate the impact and value of the EFTF program as a whole relative to the funds invested in these activities. It showed that estimates of the benefits that could potentially flow to the Commonwealth as a result of the EFTF projects examined could, at the very least, match what has been spent on the program. Indeed, it is possible that the returns could be as much as an order of magnitude higher than the cost of the entire program.

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