EV charging insights: International literature review

Client: Energy Security Board


The Energy Security Board (ESB) was established to provide a whole-of-system oversight on energy security, reliability and affordability in Australia’s National Energy Market (NEM). 

The ESB’s post-2025 Project reviewed the needs of consumers in a future of diverse sources of non-dispatchable generation, demand response, storage, and consumer energy resources. To inform the post-2025 Project, the Customer Insights Collaboration was established. The third release of the Customer Insights Collaboration focused on enhancing consumers’ experiences with, and value from, charging their electric vehicles (EVs). 

ACIL Allen was engaged to support the Customer Insights Collaboration by undertaking a review of recent international research, and conducting a small number of interviews with overseas experts, to gather insights on; the end-to-end customer journey for EV charging products and services, encompassing home and public charging;  key customer enablers and pain points that have emerged in the roll-out of smart charging products and services and the stage in the customer journey where these enablers/pain points have occurred; and policy, regulatory and industry initiatives to support and manage the roll-out of EV charging products and services and how these initiatives have been received by, and delivered outcomes for, customers.

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