Economic and Technical Modelling of the ACT Electricity Network: Strategic Report

Client: ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate


To establish a clear and transparent assessment of the most viable course of action and the associated likely costs of decarbonising the energy network, the ACT Government commissioned strategic scenario (modelling) advice of current electricity network capabilities and constraints, and how future changes to natural gas, market penetration of zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) and electricity consumption and generation are likely to impact the demand, supply and emission generation.

GHD and ACIL Allen have delivered two (2) reports as part of this commission. Stage 1 Base case Report modelling was completed in December 2021 and this Stage 2 Strategic Report presents the economic and technical modelling results across three (3) realistic policy scenarios.

The scenario modelling results set out within this report provide potential decarbonisation pathways that demonstrate the rate and scale of action that must be achieved across the energy network to support the ACT’s commitment to a net zero emission future by 2045.

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