Barriers and enablers for rewarding consumers for access to flexible DER and energy use: Rapid evidence review

Client: Energy Security Board


Over the last decade innovative new technologies for generating, storing and managing electricity have emerged which change when and how consumers use electricity. Distributed energy resources (DER) are integral aspects of the transition to an efficient, low emissions electricity system. Flexible DER and energy use services include a range of technologies. 

In October 2021, National Cabinet endorsed the Energy Security Board’s (ESB’s) Post 2025 DER Implementation Plan. The ESB will facilitate a Customer Insights Collaboration – a collaborative forum to work with customer groups and industry stakeholders on key cross cutting consumer issues that have implications for DER reform development and implementation. The topic for the first release of the Collaboration is to consider barriers and enablers to consumers being rewarded for their flexible DER and flexible demand.

The ESB issued a call for evidence to gather relevant research on barriers and enablers to consumers being rewarded for DER and flexibility.

ACIL Allen was engaged by the ESB to undertake a rapid evidence review of recent research, including information submitted by stakeholders in response to the call for evidence, on the barriers and enablers for consumers to be rewarded for access to their DER assets and flexible demand.

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