Our people

Michael Clark


Michael offers a wealth of expertise at the intersection of healthcare and economics. With a solid foundation in both disciplines, he specialises in conducting analysis to inform strategic decision-making processes within the healthcare and social service sectors.

About Michael

Michael is a highly skilled professional with expertise in analytical problem-solving, management, communication, and stakeholder liaison. His diverse sector experience includes healthcare, aged care, social services, and government.

Known for navigating complex challenges, he consistently delivers tangible results. Michael is dedicated to contributing to evidence-based health and social policies, staying updated on industry trends, and evaluating the economic impact of services, policies, and programs. His analytical expertise and deep understanding of the dynamics of health and social services allow him to provide strategic guidance on resource allocation, service delivery optimisation, and overall system efficiency enhancement.  

Michael's commitment to excellence and proactive approach is evident in his successful engagements, leaving a lasting impact on the communities he serves and solidifying his reputation as a trusted advisor.

His recent engagements include:

  • advising the Western Australian Government on approaches to assessing and prioritising strategic health assets 
  • conducting a comprehensive assessment of the legal assistance sector in both WA and SA and the extent to which need is currently met in each jurisdiction
  • conducting a comprehensive costing study covering the aged care services delivered by the WA Country Health Service 
  • quantifying the costs to consumers, businesses, and government in complying with regulations for worker screening in the care economy.
  • conducting an assessment of options to support the sustainable delivery of musculoskeletal tissue banking services in Western Australia.
  • advising the Australian Government on funding models and other incentives to drive the development of novel antibiotics

Michael holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Western Australia.