Our people

Mallory Watters

Senior Consultant

Mallory is an experienced consultant with extensive experience from both public and private sectors across multiple areas including public health, LGBTQIA+ community affairs, education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, gender equality, emergency services and management, and community services and development. She specialises in the provision of strategic policy advice, and the undertaking of program evaluations and reviews.

About Mallory

Mallory is experienced in project management, stakeholder engagement and qualitative research. Her work focuses on improving outcomes for individuals and communities and collaborating with stakeholders and senior executives to enhance service design and delivery. Her experience in strategic policy design and advocacy, regulatory evaluation and reform, and quantitative and qualitative research and analysis leads her to design and shape policy that aligns and responds to the needs of stakeholders and clients. Mallory’s performance has been recognised by the awarding of an Australian Public Service Achievement Award and several Public Service Recognition Awards.

Mallory’s recent experience includes:

  • evaluating state government education outreach initiatives to improve access for culturally and linguistically diverse communities to early childhood education
  • evaluating state governments responses to social cohesion, community resilience and violent extremism
  • developing regulatory options for the federal government in the areas of tobacco legislation and the marketing of infant formula within Australia
  • evaluating federal government investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care systems
  • developing outcome frameworks for the state government to measure impacts on the LGBTQIA+ community
  • evaluating state government policies to improve gender equity.

Mallory has a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Public Policy and Sociology from Macquire University and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Sydney.