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Cara Chambers


Cara provides strategic advice on energy markets, with a focus on electricity markets.

About Cara

Cara has over 12 years’ experience advising private sector, regulator and government clients in the National Electricity Market (NEM) and Wholesale Electricity Market for the South West Interconnected System of Western Australia (WEM) on:

  • electricity market risk and regulatory issues in the context of electricity asset sales, acquisitions and prospectus development
  • electricity market regulation matters
  • gas and electricity procurement and contracting
  • strategic review of existing portfolio of generation assets
  • energy and climate change policy development

Cara’s recent electricity experience includes:

  • market advisor in relation to:
    • development of wind, solar and storage projects in the NEM and WEM
    • sale and acquisition of existing and new generation and network assets in the NEM and WEM
    • refinancing of generation and network assets in the NEM
  • estimating the wholesale energy component of retail electricity prices for the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA)
  • market analysis and assessment for clients’ regular business planning
  • strategic market reports for potential entry into the market
  • advice to major electricity customers to evaluate a corporate power purchasing agreement (PPA)

Cara was educated at the Australian National University. She holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce.