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31st March 2024

Private Health Facilities Regulation 2024: Regulatory Impact Statement

The NSW Ministry of Health is proposing to remake the Private Health Facilities Regulation subject to a number of amendments set out in the Draft Private Health Facilities Regulation 2024. ACIL Allen was engaged by the Ministry to prepare a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) assessing the costs and benefits of the Draft Regulation.

18th March 2024

The social and economic value of the South Coast region

ACIL Allen was engaged to provide a baseline of the population and economy of the WA South Coast region and to provide an analysis of the potential socio-economic impact of the proposed Marine Park on the communities and economies of the region that will be affected by its establishment.

26th February 2024

Small scale technology certificate projections: 2024-2028

The CER engaged ACIL Allen to undertake projections of eligible small-scale renewable energy systems.