Sectors Geospatial

Our geospatial consultants use spatial modelling and analysis in economic assessments to measure the impact of spatial information in world economies.

The ability to map and explore spatial links between economic, social, demographic and physical data has numerous benefits. Almost any economic problem that contains the question 'Where?' can be addressed with enlightening results through the use of GIS based techniques.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

ACIL Allen Consulting has combined geospatial and GIS capabilities with Tasman Global to assess the overall impact of changes in economic activity and/or productivity in a regional economy. Typical consultancy tasks include:

  • urban and regional planning
  • natural resource management
  • infrastructure planning
  • market supply and demand analysis
  • policy impact studies
  • identification of priority areas for service provision.

ACIL Allen Consulting has also undertaken major projects in assessing the value of geospatial information in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. It has advised geospatial firms on market developments and industry policy.

For further information about our geospatial consulting services, please contact Alan Smart