The value of CSIRO: An estimate of the impact and value of CSIRO's portfolio of activities

Client: CSIRO


ACIL Allen’s latest study demonstrates the impact and value of Australia's investment in CSIRO. This study is the third review of CSIRO’s value by ACIL Allen since 2010. The study shows that the benefits generated by 28 examples of high quality research alone, represent a value that is three times CSIRO’s annual budget and more than four times the funding provided by the Australian Government. By extrapolating the results across the entire research portfolio ACIL Allen estimates that CSIRO delivers an estimated return of over 5:1.

ACIL Allen also examined six additional ways in which CSIRO delivers value, namely the:

  1. value of CSIRO’s standing capacity
  2. options created by CSIRO’s research
  3. training and education services that CSIRO provides
  4. support that CSIRO provides for STEM education
  5. royalties the CSIRO generates
  6. collaborations that CSIRO has engendered.

Quantifying the benefits of the above is difficult. However, ACIL Allen’s review of the literature and the information from the case studies suggest that they are likely to be considerable. This provides additional confidence that ACIL Allen's estimate of the quantified benefits delivered by CSIRO is both robust and defensible. 

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