The social and economic value of the South Coast region

Client: WA. Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions


In 2019, the Western Australian Government announced the Plan for Our Parks initiative to create five million hectares of new national and marine parks and conservation reserves which will increase the State conservation estate by 20 per cent. Plan for Our Parks is a whole of government initiative overseen by a multiagency Directors General Steering Group and approved by the Ministers for Environment, Aboriginal Affairs and Mines and Petroleum. The Plan includes the establishment of the proposed South Coast Marine Park located in the coastal areas of the Great Southern and Goldfields Esperance regions.

ACIL Allen was engaged to provide a baseline of the population and economy of the South Coast region which is the area that lies adjacent to the proposed Marine Park. It also provides an analysis of the potential socio-economic impact of the proposed Marine Park on the communities and economies of the region that will be affected by its establishment.

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