Gas Price Projections for Eastern Australia

Alan Smart 

Published 2020-06-01

ACIL Allen Report - Gas Price Projections for Eastern Australia

ACIL Allen is releasing a new quarterly report on projected gas price outcomes in the eastern Australian gas market. The report will outline how key developments in both the global and eastern Australian market have impacted recent price outcomes, as well as how they are expected to play out under a range of possible market scenarios.

This first issue of the report will place a key emphasis on understanding the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on short term gas prices. ACIL Allen has considered and analysed the early signs of how the pandemic has affected gas market prices, particularly spot market prices in capital cities in eastern Australia. ACIL Allen expects spot markets to remain under pressure through the remainder of 2020 before recovering from 2021. In the report, ACIL Allen models short term wholesale gas prices under three scenarios (low, base and high cases).

The scope of the report covers the following:

  1. Introduction to the report
  2. Overview and summary of recent market developments in Eastern Australia
    1. Brief summary of production and consumption trends
    2. Spot market price history
    3. Recent developments and gas industry announcements
  3. Developments in global oil and LNG markets
    1. Overview of developments in the global oil market
    2. Summary of recent trends in the Asian LNG market
  4. Domestic gas price projections for key markets across Eastern Australia
    1. Short term outlook – quarterly price projections over the next two years
    2. Long term outlook – annual price projections over the next 20 years

The report is provided as a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet of major tables and charts can be provided on request.

If you may be interested in purchasing this report, please contact either Michael Symes or Alan Smart via the contact details below.

Michael Symes – ph: 0422 031 449               


Alan Smart – ph: 0404 822 312                     




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