Our People Jeremy Tustin, Director / SOUTH AUSTRALIA
(61 3) 8650 6000

Jeremy is a regulatory economist with experience in the energy and water sectors.

Jeremy relishes working with others whose skills complement his own and, as such, leads multidisciplinary teams working on a range of qualitative and quantitative projects in the energy sector and wherever regulated industries or Government regulation are to be found.

Jeremy's recent projects include:

Energy policy and forecasting

  • several projects in 2018 and 2019 for South Australia’s transmission network, ElectraNet. In these,  the impact was quantified of the proposed interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales on the wholesale price of electricity in those two states  and, later on their economies and jobs
  • a project in 2019 for the Victorian electricity distributors where a large sample of data  was collected and used to understand the impact that electricity tariff reform – cost-reflective network tariffs - would have on vulnerable Victorians. Findings were presented to the distributor’s joint pricing forum and they will now be used as an input to the 2019 Tariff structure statements
  • a series of projects since 2012 estimating the value of electricity exported by household solar panels for the Essential Services Commission (Victoria) the Essential Services Commission of South Australia and the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission. Those projects have underpinned the mandatory payment made for electricity exported to the grid from solar panels in South Australia and Victoria ever since.
  • advice to the ESC in Victoria during its recent distributed generation review
  • advice to the Northern Territory Government on energy tariff reform and, later, the Utilities Commission on Power and Water Corp’s proposed changes to the system control charge.

Better regulation

  • legislative impact assessment for Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning relating to changes to the Victorian feed-in tariff following a review by the Essential Services Commission. This followed on from advice to the ESC during its distributed generation review and paved the way for Victoria’s new multi-part feed-in tariff
  • cost-benefit analysis for the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning relating to managing biodiversity on land for intended to be developed. This CBA was accepted in first draft form by OCBR
  • legislative impact assessment pertaining to licensing NDIS providers
  • legislative impact assessment pertaining to building trades licensing in Victoria
  • review of the regulatory arrangements applicable to the Western Australian plumbing industry. This review was independent and conducted at arms-length from the Government itself. Jeremy was engaged by the Minister and reported directly to the Secretary of the Department of Commerce. The review culminated in recommendations for changes which are currently being implemented (see https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/building-commission/plumbing-review).

Prior to joining ACIL Allen Consulting, Jeremy was the Director, Economic Regulation in the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance and held senior roles in the South Australian Energy Division. He also worked for the ACCC from 1997 until 2004.

Jeremy has a degree in Economics from the University of Adelaide.