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Brian Parmenter

Senior Associate

Brian specialises in regulatory economics and quantitative policy analysis. He was Chairman of the Queensland Competition Authority from 2006 to 2012 and was previously Professor of Applied Economics at Monash University.

About Brian

Brian is now a Senior Associate, based in Melbourne. His previous consulting roles were with ACIL Allen and Frontier Economics in Brisbane.

As former Chair of the QCA, Brian has extensive practical experience as an economic regulator, including the regulation of access to water, energy and transport infrastructure. He now advises stakeholders in regulatory processes. This has included the preparation of submissions to government on regulatory issues and the provision of expert witness statements for legal cases involving contractual disputes over access to regulated infrastructure and competitive-neutrality disputes.

Brian is also an expert in economy-wide modelling and quantitative policy analysis. He was one of the principal developers of the ORANI computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of the Australian economy. This internationally recognised work formed the basis for all CGE modelling in Australia. Brian developed the regional modelling capabilities for the Australian CGE models and led economic-modelling projects in South Africa, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. He has numerous academic publications on the development and policy application of large-scale economic models.

Brian has extensive experience of using quantitative models to provide consulting services and contract research for clients in the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas. Among the topics covered are: macroeconomic policy and productivity; labour market analysis and forecasting; the economics of immigration; taxation reform; environmental policy; regional development and forecasting; international trade policy, infrastructure analysis, the economics of tourism, the economics of sport, and the economics of government support for industries, including in the cultural sector. His experience includes the development of detailed sector-specific models of the global nickel and sugar industries, focussing on international trade and regulation issues.

Brian was educated in the UK and holds a B.A. from Nottingham University and an M.A. from Leicester University.